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Joining the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness as managing director in 2011 I began my role in the co-development and evolution of the Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute (MBPTI) and MBSR Teacher Certification program.

My continued growth within the field of Mindfulness-Based programs has led me to teach MBSR extensively to groups and individuals in health care, university, Veteran Health Administration (VHA), and various community settings, including teaching MBSR programs online in the virtual world of Second Life.

Teaching, “Professional MBSR Teacher Training programs” including 6-Day MBSR Teacher Training Intensives, 8-Week and 9-Day Intensive MBSR Teacher Training Practicums, and especially Mentoring current and future MBSR teachers like you is now my dedicated focus of work in this beloved field. My strong passion, for facilitating and mentoring the valuable teachings found within MBSR and Mindfulness-Based Interventions, now continues to unfold on a global scale in my teaching MBSR Training programs and mentees around the world.

  • "Allan is a pioneer in the field of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. I have been lucky to work with him during my time consulting for UC San Diego and the Rady School of Management in the formation of a Mindful Leadership Executive Education Course. Allan’s participation is always heartfelt, thoughtful, wise and compassionate. He is a true force for good, positive change in healthcare and preventive medicine."
    Founder/CEO Owaves, USA
  • "Allan has been helpful and generous in his support and advice. He is eager to assist, he follows up on suggestions and he is keen to share his knowledge. His determination and belief in his work are evident."
    Consultant Clinical Psychologist/Author, United Kingdom
  • Allan has done a remarkable job in creating a connection for those interested in or practicing MBSR personally and professionally. He has not only created a platform for individual groups members to connect and share, he has raised the profile of the University of California at San Diego Center for Mindfulness among its peers. His work has been skillful and professional.
    Principle at Reminding Works, USA
  • "Allan’s experience and commitment dignifies the noble practice of Mindfulness, this makes him a unique and necessary teacher for anyone seeking an honest and professional mentor. Allan’s compassionate capacity has enriched me personally resulting in a more authentic and humanistic approach to the MBSR groups I teach. Truly, a great connoisseur of the wisdom teachings implicit in MBSR.”
    Director & Psychologist/ Centro Costarricense para Mindfulness, Costa Rica
  • "Having access to a trusted advisor and senior teacher is a wonderful support as I bring mindfulness to my own students.”
    Founder and Partner at Kulfolk, San Diego, CA
  • Allan was very helpful and responsive in guiding me in my search for a center for mindfulness in my country. I am happy to recommend him for advice.
    Clinical Psychologist, Spain


UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness
Senior Advisor
Faculty UC San Diego Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute
Guiding Mentor & Senior Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher Trainer - San Diego, California

The Center for Mindfulness Studies
Approved MBSR Mentor
Toronto, ON, Canada

Centro Costarricense para Mindfulness
Senior Advisor
San Rafael de Escazú, San José, Costa Rica

RESPIRA en Colombia & BREATHE International
MBSR Teacher Trainer
Bogotá, Colombia

A Sociedade Portuguesa de Meditação e Bem-Estar/Mindfulness Institute 
MBSR Teacher Trainer
Porto, Portugal

MBP International Integrity Network for Mindfulness
Coordinating Committee Member
The international network of Mindfulness-Based Program Teacher Trainers and Teacher Organisations (named, for now, the International Integrity Network: IIN). This group has held meetings these past four years with relevant leaders within the mindfulness-based field of teachers, teacher trainers and training organisations, and has met to discuss and create different ways of meeting the needs for certification and accreditation. This has been an ongoing careful conversation regarding the international ethical integrity of, and standards for, offering secular mindfulness-based programs (MBPs) within our own contexts throughout the world. This conversation has included organisations from Asia Pacific, Europe, UK, South Africa, Canada, and the USA. From inception the intention has been to be an international collaborative and consultative process honouring and acknowledging individual, institutional, national, and regional contexts, recognising our successes and challenges.